Healthcare Operations

Helping You Get Back to the Practice of Medicine

Navigating the practice of medicine can be a daunting process as the business issues facing physicians are extraordinarily complex. The Oracle Legal Group is devoted to addressing the specific operational needs of its healthcare clients. Our attorneys have direct experience helping freestanding emergency rooms and urgent care centers with growing their businesses, managing their contracts, and ensuring their healthcare compliance.

We help our healthcare clients grow and thrive by providing them with counsel to improve their business relationships and practice management. Our attorneys are prepared to work on a variety of projects including negotiating and building relationships with vendors, ensuring that agreements comply with healthcare regulations, making certain that medical facilities comply with EMTALA, drafting business associate agreements, assisting with employment matters, and providing business support.

Medical professionals that are interested in starting a business can rely on The Oracle Legal Group to address their healthcare related legal issues. We understand the business challenges healthcare providers are presented with on a daily basis and are ready to help medical practitioners reach their full potential.

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